Criteria for IPE Designation in UCSF Course Catalog

Below are the guidelines to have your course listed with an IPE designation in the UCSF course catalog.

Interprofessional education occurs when learners from two or more health and/or social care professions engage in learning with, from, and about each other to improve collaboration and the delivery of care. At UCSF, courses submitted for consideration of interprofessional status in the course catalog must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The course must specify an explanation for the request for interprofessional status (describe in the "justification" field on the course form)
  • The course must include learners from at least two schools and these should be specified (describe in the "course intended for what type of student" field on the course form)
  • The prerequisites, if any, for the course should not be specific to one school (describe in the "prerequisites" field on the course form)
  • The course must be the result of a participatory collaboration among faculty representing two or more professions/schools. (list faculty collaborators and professions/school designation in the "justification" field on the course form)
  • At least one of the course objectives should be related to interprofessionalism (describe in the "course objectives" field on the course form)