Faculty Research

Each of the professional schools at UCSF ranks among the very best in the nation by making groundbreaking contributions to research and maintaining a reputation for excellence in patient care. Our next frontier is to firmly establish an interprofessional approach to teaching and learning. UCSF is uniquely poised to demonstrate leadership and effect real change in how we prepare our students, and, by extension, how we deliver care.

Our faculty are working to advance IPE at UCSF and faculty with funded grants are listed below. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved or have an idea to share, please contact us

Word on the Wards - An Interprofessional Health Coaching Program
Rita Nguyen, School of Medicine

Integrating Care Through the Division of Population Health: An Interprofessional Clinical Elective (ICE)
Kara Birch, School of Nursing

Interprofessional Students Education at a Skilled Nursing Home
Michi Yukawa, School of Medicine

Using video analysis to improve collaboration and coordination across professional boundaries
Bridget O'Brien, School of Medicine

Just-in-Time Coaching for Faculty Teaching in Interprofessional Settings
Josette Rivera, School of Medicine

Integrating Interprofessional Learners in High-Risk Surgical Patient Care
Emily Finlayson, School of Medicine

Identification of Institutional Risk Factors Associated with Falls in the Inpatient Setting: An interprofessional, quality improvement and patient safety initiative
Amber Fitzsimmons
, Physical Therapy Program

The project expands upon the existing ISPE to highlight communication barriers.  A video-recorded standardized patient case, providing opportunity for success and failure of the multidisciplinary team, will be annotated with participants' internal thoughts about the interaction. In a faculty-led session before the ISPE, learners will view the video and discuss critical communication issues. 

 The VA Medical Center Co-Management Service cares for medically complicated patients on the orthopedics inpatient team.  We are creating a longitudinal learning place for early medical, pharmacy and nursing students, who will engage with this interprofessional team, practice clinical skills and contribute meaningfully to the team through improvements in systems and patient care.