Scholarship Committee

Co-chairs: Bridget O'Brien, PhD and Katherine Gruenberg, PharmD

Provide scholarly consultation for works in progress focused on interprofessional education (IPE) or interprofessional practice (IPP), identify and disseminate opportunities for grant funding for IPE/IPP, and promote scholarship in IPE/IPP at UCSF.

Classroom Curriculum Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Cathi Dennehy, PharmD and Kai Kennedy, PT, DPT

Undertake a comprehensive review of the Core Principles of Interprofessional Practice (CPIP) course with recommendations for chnages to the PIPE Curriculum Committee and perform a scan of key institutions around the country to determine current best practices in IPE and make recommendations for additional IPE curricular elements (as either elective or required).

Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Angel Kuo, RN, MSN, PNP and Maria Wamsley, MD

Identify clinical sites willing to accept interprofessional learners for interprofessional clinical experiences and develop guidelines for interprofessional clincial experiences. Catalog best practices in IPE for residents and fellows.

Simulation Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Jennifer Mandal, MD and Susan Hyde, DDS, MPH, PhD

Undertake a comprehensive review of the Interprofessional Standardized Patient Exercises (ISPE) with recommendations for changes to the PIPE Curriculum Committee and consider the feasibility of expanding IP simulation to all health professional students at UCSF and logistical planning for the ISPE for Spring 2020.

Faculty/Staff Development Committee

Co-chairs: Rosalind De Lisser, RN, MS, NP and Josette Rivera, MD

Expand IP faculty development efforts including workplace-based faculty development to improve the IP clinical learning environment. Launch IP coaching program and steward the UCSF Interprofessional Teaching Certificate.

Assessment Committee

Co-chairs: Mitra Assemi, PharmD and Josette Rivera, MD

Develop and implement robust formative and summative assessments to ensure that UCSF leanrers have attained the appropriate collaborative care milestones.

For more information on how to become involved in a committee, please contact Louise Hendrickson.