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PIPE Interprofessional Mini-Grant

Rolling application cycle with applications accepted until November 1, 2021 or until 7 grants are awarded.

The PIPE Interprofessional Mini-Grant program is meant to provide support for pilot interprofessional opportunities to encourage creative solutions that enable interprofessional learning. Recipients will receive a $1000 stipend. An example of the type of program that would be funded would be an interprofessional elective for pharmacy and medical students to work collaboratively in outreach to high risk patients with complex medical illness who may be deferring needed acute or chronic care due to concerns about the risk of COVID-19 infection.


  • Experience must engage learners (students, residents or fellows) from 2 or more professions and must be structured in a way to promote interprofessional learning
  • Must include at least 1 interprofessional learning objective linked to the UCSF interprofessional competencies.
  • Minimum of 10-20 contact hours for learners (Note: faculty do not need to be present for 10-20 contact hours)
  • Must administer an end-of-experience evaluation for learners and faculty participants and share results with PIPE leadership (NOTE: PIPE program will provide assistance in developing the evaluation)
  • Grantees must present an update to the relevant PIPE Curriculum Subcommittee


  • Although it is not required that you have faculty leadership for each profession that is involved in the experience, it is important to consult with faculty leadership from the professions that you are planning to engage to determine the most appropriate level of learner for the experience and how the planned experience will fit into their curriculum. You can find a list of faculty leadership for each school here.
  • Please consider how you will onboard and orient learners and whether there are specific requirements at your site (EHR training/access etc).
  • Experiences can be incorporated into existing electives or courses. If you are considering a new course, please be aware of the course submission process and deadlines https://senate.ucsf.edu/course-actions/course-forms-and-deadlines

We recommend reviewing the grant worksheet before applying.

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